Our Quran Journey is five women on a spiritual journey with Islam, exploring the sacred verses of the Holy Quran through Quran tagging, Quran Journaling and Tadabbur.

Why do this?

We’re wives, mothers and career women. We understand how the busyness of life can just overshadow our connection with Allah. Through talking to fellow women, we found that many of our peers were in the same predicament – wanting to increase their faith yet not knowing where to begin.

But we believe it’s never too late to start.

Our Quran Journey – About Us

By doing something we enjoy – reading, being creative with our hands, or simply talking to friends – we get to learn about Islam at the same time.

So join us and learn something new!


  • When we are done with our worldly tasks, we often feel tired. We feel exhausted. And sometimes we feel our worship as a burden. Even the bare minimum feels heavy. And we try to finish it as quick as possible. How can we change that? In this episode, we discuss our struggles in worship and its rewards.
  • If a calamity befalls the Muslim such as in his health or wealth, what is the correct way of dealing with it according to Islam? In this episode, we discuss Tawakkul, or the reliance on God or "trusting in God's plan" in this episode.
  • Allah says in the Qur'an, “O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones”. In this episode, we discuss how to raise righteous children and the challenges that come with being a Muslim parent.
  • Allah SWT has commanded us to read and seek knowledge throughout our lives. For some of us, we endure the weight of travelling long distances, separated from families and hometowns in order to do this. Sometimes we may feel tired and unmotivated. But Allah SWT promises us of a great reward while enduring these difficulties. In this episode, we discuss our challenges in seeking knowledge and how to overcome them.

Latest from the Blog

Learning in Islam

Sometimes we may feel tired and unmotivated to seek knowledge. But Allah SWT promises us of a great reward while enduring these difficulties.

Importance of Good Influence (for your child)

The company we keep says a lot about us. Friends have a tremendous influence on how we behave, think and even feel. As parents, how can we bring up our children surrounded by good influence?

Addiction to Busyness

It’s good to be productive, but how does it affect our deen when people seem to glorify busyness and the hustle culture. What does Islam really teach about chasing the rat race, balancing busyness and rest?

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