Shakirah Firaz

Shakirah Firaz is a home-based baker, who runs her eponymous Kirah’s Cake Bars through social media. Shakirah is also a multi-faceted mother of two who is also a teacher and a talented singer.

We are honoured to have Shakirah with us as Our Quran Journey’s first guest tadabbur. Catch her soon on our podcast episode as we discuss one of her favourite verses from the Quran.


First Open Group Tadabbur

Ladies, we want to invite you to our first open group tadabbur session in July!

Allah s.w.t. commanded us to read, to ponder, to analyse and to understand the verses of the Quran. Each verse in the Quran is so unique that it can affect us in different ways. There are verses in the holy book which may calm our soul, provide guidance in life matters or even spur us to attain the rewards of the afterlife.

Whatever the reason, we’d like to hear from you.

If you are keen to participate to discuss about your favourite Quran verses, sign up here.

Welcome to Our Quran Journey

Welcome to our brand new website!

Assalamualaikum. Our Quran Journey is five women on a spiritual journey with Islam, exploring the sacred verses of the Holy Quran through Quran tagging, Quran Journaling and Tadabbur.

Why do this?

We’re wives, mothers and career women. We understand how the busyness of life can just overshadow our connection with Allah. Through talking to fellow women, we found that many of our peers were in the same predicament – wanting to increase their faith yet not knowing where to begin.

But we believe it’s never too late to start.

By doing something we enjoy – reading, being creative with our hands, or simply talking to friends – we get to learn about Islam at the same time.

So join us and learn something new!