Al-Ghazali on the Treatment of Anger, Hatred and Envy

“Know that the treatment of anger and disciplining it are a religious obligation, for it carries most people off to hell and from it many are sins born.”⁣

I became curious about Imam Al Ghazali’s books and teachings after I listened to Ustazah Farhana’s (sisters only) podcast about guided reading of his book – The Beginning of Guidance. Ustazah said that imam had a way of telling you what went wrong in your face, but he also provided solutions and that piqued my interest. ⁣

This book is one of the many selections from Alchemy of Happiness and I find that it’s easier to digest in smaller breakdowns. On envy, he says it isn’t healthy and we shouldn’t be hateful of others blessings. Basically, problem + remedy. ⁣

I struggle a lot with this three things and this is a means to help me through this journey of trying to keep myself in check. ⁣

There are a lot of books sold at @wardahbooks on Al Ghazali’s works and all the titles look pretty amazing.⁣